Hey there sunshine! We are so very happy that you came to our little online home to look around at what we do, who we serve and what we are all about! We're a husband and wife team who took a sign from our first little girl, packed up everything we had, moved to the Outer Banks and changed the course of our entire lives. We believe in salt air breathing, sea glass hunting, in our three tiny daughters that we lovingly refer to as the Mermaid Mafia and that the nerd really can get the girl...or so Mike says :)


Behind this incredible business we adore is one heck of a support system. We are lucky parents to three wild little free spirited girls who make all the hard work worth it! We're a salt air loving, coastal dwelling, sand in every single car seat kind of family...so we nicknamed ourselves "the five waves!" We believe that it's EASIEST to work with clients when they know who we are. How could I expect clients to be themselves in front of me if they know nothing about us?! Come see what we're all about, meet Amanda, Mike and our mermaids! And can we all agree Mike is a saint for putting up with four women? You're the man, Mike! 

the Five Waves

we're fun

click Yoda or the mermaids to meet us!

click on the mermaids or yoda to meet us!