the workflow series

When you first decide to turn your passion into a business, no one says okay that is WONDERFUL, here is a manual on how you will need to run that business! That would be nice, but there is also something rewarding about being the one who creates that for yourself...but it also takes a LOT of work and years ago I would have loved a little guidance on why workflow lists are so important and how to create them so I can save time and avoid preventable stress! Click below to see what we've got to help shortcut your workflow creation to get time AND sanity back when it comes to keeping up with your creative passion! We hope you love feeling more organized while doing what you love! 


the island time series


we created a set of life lists that have changed our family's life for the better and we are sharing them with you! 

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Lifeflow Lists
Deep Clean List
Home Simplifying List 
Family Goals List 
Prepping for Dave Ramsey List 
Going On Vacation List 
Family Travel List 
Family Car List 
Diaper Bag List
Traveling for Nursing Moms List 
New Baby Nesting List 
New Baby Hospital List 

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We created a set of life lists that have changed our family's life for the better and we are sharing them with you! 


In summer of 2017, our family began our journey with Dave Ramey and we quickly started to do everything we could to learn how to get our spending down and take care of these car and student loans once and for all. We ended up creating some incredibly simple but powerful tools to keep up with logging our spending so we could see where our dollars were going. This series is BRAND NEW so we only have on thing up right now - but good news, it's FREE! Click below to download a free SIMPLE monthly grocery budget spreadsheet. Keep it in the kitchen drawer, on the counter or on the fridge and make sure you aren't going too far overboard monthly on one the most commonly overspent aspects of family money. We can't wait to add more to this series to help families get a hold on their finances!

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We created these exclusively for our fellow Outer Banks loving friends - they're FREE! We hope you enjoy them and they bring you back to the salt air every time you see them!

What if you could work efficiently within your limited work hours and genuinely spend more time with your family? You deserve it! 

Five people, three of them ages six and under...ONE haul from car to our happy little spot in the sand...

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