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Free Downloads for
Family Photographers

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Templates for
Family Photographers

Already know what you're looking for? Grab what you need! 
Need more details? Keep scrolling to find out more! 

Free Downloads for Family Photographers

Whether you're just getting started or you're looking to up-level your business, you're overwhelmed at the time it takes to build, create and put things together. That's why I've shortcut a LOT of these pain points for you.

• Don't feel like creating a pricing guide from scratch? I've got a drag & drop template waiting for you.

• Having a hard time designing and coming up with a session guide for clients? I've got a customizable one ready for you to make it your own.

• Wondering what it would look like to see me move through shooting a family session, including mistakes made and how I navigated them? I've got an exclusive, low-cost membership for that.

Growing a family photography business takes a lot of time. After eleven years, I know exactly what photographers need, step-by-step, in order to be setup, streamlined and successful. Want me to help you grow faster & shortcut pain points for you? Keep reading!

After eleven years as an in-demand photographer who is NOT burned out and still loving every second of what she does... I have figured out how to make sure I am thoroughly set up with email templates, a clear and easy to understand pricing guide, a session guide that communicates boundaries and manages client expectations well and MORE. Instead of waiting for big mistakes and trial-and-error on the back end  (don't we experience enough of that in the field, on the technical end as we grow?).. let me help you get your ducks in a row. Keep scrolling below to see what we've got for waiting for you to make growing your business easier!

How would it feel if you could speed up the process of being set up on the back end of things instead of spending hours trying to figure it out?

If you want to know how to utilize grow strategies like email marketing, leveraging a personal brand, use social media more intentionally to reach your ideal clients, we offer one-on-one mentoring sessions and I'd love to talk to you about exactly what YOU need for your business. Send me an email for more info!

Established but wanting to majorly up-level.

If you're looking to up-level your current photography business, we have a monthly family photography education membership called Salt Air School that hosts TONS of ways to market, grow, refine and enhance your client experience so you can charge more and serve clients WELL! We film real family sessions for this!

Photography business is up and running but wanting to grow.

This is EXCITING. You know why? There's only UP to go from here and it's time to make it happen! The best place to get started is with our Business Mini-Class, Photography Mini-Class & Editing Class. It may feel overwhelming in the beginning to get started but I am cheering you on!  Don't forget to grab any and all freebies we have below, too! 

Haven't started yet, but I'm ready to dive on in!

Where are you in your Family Photography journey?

No fancy program required! All you have to do is follow our easy video tutorial that shows you how to SIMPLY drag, drop, change colors and fonts and make these templates YOURS on! If you are ready to up-level your presentation and get out of the copy and paste mode when sending your pricing & session info, these templates will be a quick & beautiful way to get info out to inquiries so you can book quickly and painlessly!

Pick up just one or buy the discounted bundle below! I'm so excited for you to feel more prepared and confident when serving your inquiries and clients!


Canva is BEYOND
easy-to-use and FREE! 

You will be blown away at how quickly you can pull off creating your own guides using our templates! Below is a sample of clips from our Canva tutorial video that walks you through EXACTLY how to make our templates YOURS!

Canva is BEYOND easy-to-use and FREE! 

Your time is valuable. 

Let me help you optimize your time by eliminating the pain points of figuring all of this out on your own.

We've created four resources to expedite your journey and get you up and running sooner!

Photography Mini-Class
Lightroom Editing Class
Photography & Editing Class bundle
Business Mini-Class

If you're ready to learn how to use your camera, how to edit and how to start a business...

Just getting started?
We've got FOUR mini-classes for that.

We've broken down how to take your camera OFF of auto and shoot in manual in a SIMPLIFIED WAY! I've watched students take this class and create incredible businesses from it. Instead of sitting online for hours, flipping through your manual trying to figure it out... let me HELP YOU!

Photography Mini-Class, Lightroom Editing Class or BOTH!


• You know how to set your aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance to get the kind of picture you've always wanted to create

• Your images are in better focus and getting sharper with practice

• Finally, you are able to achieve that pretty background blur called bokeh for an artistic and high-end look

• People see the pictures you are posting and start asking you to take some for them!

• You feel confident enough in different lighting situations to gain control over your settings and produce the best possible outcome... and that's when you know you may be ready to start a business with this! Or.. just take better pictures for your family and friends :)

Photography after classes...

• Maybe you haven't even taken your settings off of Auto yet, or when you do.. you're not getting the results you want

• You feel like the thought of shooting in manual is probably too complicated to even attempt

• You aren't sure about terms like aperture, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and more

• Taking pictures is something you LOVE to do but you're not quite getting the results you want yet, and you would love to improve your photography just for fun or maybe to start a business

• When you've tried to learn before, the wording is too technical and hard to understand... you're looking for something extremely simplified and easy to digest

Your photography now...


Say goodbye to AUTO mode! I don't want you to ever look back, LOL! And you know what? Once you get a good grip on manual... you won't want to. Before we dive into details, I want to set you up in manual mode.

First, prep for MANUAL


When you look at the back of your camera... it can seem IMPOSSIBLE to know what to choose and focus on settings-wise. This is why I have simplified it down to the four key settings you need to learn and understand first before diving into anything else.

The Four KEY Settings


We're going to move forward with our basic four settings into a place where you understand WHAT is next once you know where to find these and what they mean... but we're not explaining this in an overly-technical way. Everything is easy to grasp and simplified!

Simplifying the technical


You can know your settings ALL day long but if you don't have your light right, it will never matter! We're showcasing good light, bad light, weird light and other types of light we want you to be able to get a handle on.

Understanding LIGHT


Watch us move through our yard, home and manage the light and all settings accordingly. We KNOW that you can you get a grasp on how to approach bad light and what to avoid, and then when the optimal times to shoot are for the BEST possible results!

Real Video Examples


If you picked up the editing bundle, you'll watch us edit all kinds of scenarios in Lightroom Classic. It's SO much easier to watch someone else correct things and change settings around than to look online over and over and try to piece it together!

Move on to editing

What's included?

By signing up you agree to our terms & conditions here.

Choose which class works for you below:

Hands down, this is one of my FAVORITE classes I've ever created! That's because it was launched in the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and I watched people who were stressed about providing income create new ways to bring in money for their family. Some of my students went on to go FULL TIME with their new business and there is literally nothing better than seeing people who were unsure about what to do and even unsure about if they had what it takes to go on and do BIG THINGS that make an impact on their customers and clients and make an income for their family. Read MORE below to see what our students are saying!

Ready to start a small business but completely lost on what you need to do to get going?

Starting and maintaining a small
business is POSSIBLE.

Maybe you're thinking this is too hard.

You don't have enough time.

Taxes? Marketing? Forget it. Too complicated


I'm teaching the way to look at starting and running a business from the most SIMPLIFIED perspective for under $100 so you can finally start making money doing what you love.

What is included in the class





How to get started well

Simplifying the complicated

Sharing vs selling

Leveraging a personal brand

The very act of getting started is a major road block for many people who want to create their own business, we love to simplify this part and get people motivated to begin!

Expenses, income, mileage, taxes, client info, insurance, contracts, how to take payments, organization, workflow. We ONLY do the things we need to and we keep it simple!

This isn't the old days where you start a business and fork out hundreds (or thousands!) on advertisements. We have FREE MARKETING TOOLS to leverage in a genuine way now!

The biggest superpower of my business.. it's personal. People know they can choose from so many photographers, so why me? They feel like they KNOW me. This is the most powerful way to market your business!


The education I gained from Amanda’s Business Mini-Class gave me the courage to keep going in my business when I wanted to quit. It was in a simplified format which made it easy to understand and learn. I have so much more confidence in myself since completing her class. Thank you Amanda for being a wonderful teacher and sharing your knowledge to help people like me be successful in business! 

When the Pandemic started, I decided to use some of my new free time to figure out how to use my “fancy” DSLR camera. I took Amanda’s Photography Mini Course and saw she was also offering a business course. I learned so much from the photography mini course but didn’t know if I could make a business out of liking to take pictures. I had an “aha” moment and at the very last minute I signed up for the business course. I’m SO glad I took the plunge! I took the course in early 2020, had my first paying customer in July, and by the end of 2020 I had made over $5,000! Less than 2 years since taking the course and I am now a 5-figure business (and growing)! This course helped set up foundational knowledge of running a business and I was able to turn a passion into extra income for my family. Thanks for helping me set myself up for success!

I took Amanda's business class in spring of 2020 after years of telling myself I "don't have a business brain," because I finally reminded myself that I'm a good student. Between her videos, Q&A sessions, and connections with other entrepreneurs, Amanda truly sets you up for success! When I finally buckled down and met with an attorney about officially filing, he looked across his desk at my notes from the class and told me I was *too* organized! The group that took the class became an instant source of community and encouragement, and I am forever grateful that I signed up and followed through on launching this little dream. 

Take the class on your OWN TIME! Everything is pre-recorded and available to you any time.

By joining the class you agree to the following terms and conditions here.





From your HOME or wherever you want to learn from.

$97 one time payment.

Everyone is welcome. If you're ready to put in the work and make this happen, this is for YOU.



Do I have to attend live classes? What if I am busy or at work?

You guys, this is the best part! No, you don't have to attend live! All of these lessons are pre-recorded and available to you on your own time.

Do I already have to have a business? What if I don't have one?

You do not have to already have an established business or need to have one in mind yet, but we do hope that it inspires you to start getting paid to do something you love by watching our process!

Do I need to have a Facebook account to access this course?

No! This entire course is hosted in my course software on it's very own website not connected to social media. We do have a Facebook community we would love to have you join us in though!

Are we able to get a refund for this class?

Because of the nature of the content and resources being delivered during instructional time, we are not offering refunds for this class.

We love to hear students tell us how much they've turned around and made or how they've set boundaries around their business that help them avoid burnout and serve clients better through their education at Salt Air School. Could you use this kind of change in your business? Or are you thinking of starting a business and want to see how someone else is doing it? You're invited to join NOW!

There are no contracts required or obligations to stay. $27 a month to apply what you learn to your business and build demand and increase income.

You also get to watch my mistakes, how I correct them and how I move forward from these moments. Being a photographer, no matter how many years is still a challenge but it's how you proceed that really matters!

I'm not talking about styled shoots. These are families that I work with here on the outer banks and you get an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience!

We created a LOW COST family photography membership where you can not only learn about aspects of running your photography business... but you also get to watch me work with REAL family clients!

What could you learn if you could watch REAL behind-the-scenes of a family photographer in action!?

• Business software, invoices and contracts

• Shooting at sunrise (behind-the-scenes)

• Personal branding

• How to streamline the booking process

• Newsletter marketing how-to

• Sunset family session at golden hour 

• Discounting pricing for returning clients

• Challenging cloudy day session (behind-the-scenes)


• Camera settings

• Client communication

• Client pricing guide

• Client session guide

• Editing in Lightroom

• Marketing for FREE

• Instagram for business

• Hot summer day (behind-the-scenes)


Of course you'll have to show up and do the work, but when you leverage the power of education in the field you want to grow in... you can mature your business more quickly and have this growth lead to MORE INCOME. What would it look like if you could apply the things we're offering in Salt Air School listed above and by the end of a few months have your prices raised and your photography business creating more demand through your incredibly up-leveled client experience? It's a joy for me to offer this for such a low and accessible price point to you. We hope to see you in Salt Air School!

It took me 11 years to get to where I am today, but you could get there faster.

start today and access unlimited lessons, behind-the-scenes, how-to marketing and so much more!

Why not start today? Access is only $27/month!

Facebook is NOT required to join! All of the classes are hosted within our online course software!

The good news is that ALL classes are pre-recorded! You get to access and view them on your own time!

No! A lot of our students are in the business building stage or just contemplating a business, but want a preview and in-depth look at how someone else is doing it. We think that's an awesome, forward-thinking idea!

You are never obligated to sign up for a particular amount of time. You can cancel whenever you want!

We showcase REAL family sessions, not models.. but actual families that book us and share them with you!
It's SO MUCH FUN and so insightful!

We share Lightroom Classic editing lessons with you! If you haven't edited before... this will be a HUGE step up for you! If you have edited before... you can see how we maintain our bright, cheerful style even in the craziest light and weather!

Oh yeah... I couldn't possibly leave that out! We talk about marketing your business through social media, newsletter marketing and so much more. All of these lessons are great for those who want to build a business or up-level their current one.

We have a Facebook group for Salt Air School we would LOVE to have you join!



Have questions? Need guidance on what course, class, download or product would work best for you? Email me!