I guess I could write a bio about how impressive my 13 year career has been, but the bottom line is this: it has been filled with laughter, wrapping my arms so tight around my clients and thanking them for being in my life and watching them come back to work with me year after year. We have way too much fun. People who are reluctant to take pictures walk away saying "wow, that was way easier than I thought it was going to be!" I get to hear about their joyful and hard life seasons and document these families surroundned by those they love most. I will never stop appreciating this. What a gift!

When I'm not jumping literally into the ocean with my family session clients, I'm probably looking for sea glass.

I'm Amanda.

Hi  friend!

My little family and our simple life by the sea here on Hatteras Island. We're a team. Three girls, sand all over our house & car and I couldn't ask for more.


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