My clients are EVERYTHING to me, and they'll tell you that they know I undeniably love what I do! If you're looking for someone who can deliver a lot of images, shoot quickly and not drag out the session and send you your gallery soon after the session.. I am your GIRL! I can't tell you how many people who are reluctant to have their pictures taken have stopped to thank me or tell me that it wasn't painful to work with me after the session. Now THAT is the ultimate compliment! I'll take it! 

From march to October, I spend my days by the sea with all kinds of families and i wouldn't trade it for anything

Working with families is a joy & honor.

I'm ready to book a session!

Whether everything is going smoothly or it's a little more challenging, I'm there to work around whatever I need to. Family sessions with little ones can be really unpredictable, so it's important as a photographer that I don't push or pressure and make things more stressful on my clients. One thing that is VERY important to me is knowing that kids or adults with physical or neurological differences are PRECIOUS to me! My daughter has Tourette syndrome and I need you to know that you or your child, whatever differences you have, are not a burden to me. I am there to be patient, I am there to move at you or your child's pace and document how wonderful your family is. If you have a family member with limited mobility, I am happy to take photos with them in it right at the beach house. Bottom line, I'm here to make things easier on YOU. Don't miss family photos because you think you'll disappoint or be too difficult for a photographer. I'm who you've been looking for to be patient and do whatever we need to do to make it happen :)

My clients know they don't have to perform or be perfect for me. I work efficiently, shooting both posed AND in-between moments. Making it as easy as possible on you matters to me.

I'm ready to book

We do things a little differently, and our clients are thankful for it! All final digital images are YOURS and included in your investment. You do not have to pay for your digital images separately and you are not required to order prints from us (although you can, your gallery is also a print shop!).

We also provide more of an exclusive experience by limiting how many sessions we take per week. I never book more than three sessions a week so that I'm more likely to be available for my clients should we have to work around weather-related challenges. Also, our reschedule window is BIG. We allow 18 months to fit your rescheduled session within because we know that some people can't just drive back down right away to fulfill their session that wasn't able to happen for whatever reason. Read more below for pricing details!

Investment Information

($737.50 retainer to book)

27-30 people

($675 retainer to book)

21-26 people

($612.50 retainer to book)

16-20 people

($550 retainer to book)

10-15 people

($487.50 retainer to book)

6-9 people

($425 retainer to book)

1-5 people

Pricing is based on the amount of people included in the session.

For travel north of Hatteras Island, there is a $100 fee for South Nags Head (anything South of Jennette's Pier), $150 for Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head and $200 for Southern Shores, Duck & Corolla.

Besides a 6.75% tax rate & travel if applicable, there are no other additional costs required to get the pictures in your hands. No surprise or hidden costs. Digital images are yours and you can print them, have them made into canvases or other products, whatever you want!

Pricing Details



In order to get started with the booking process, I need to know a couple of things first! I'll need vacation dates, what town you're staying in and how many people you plan on having in your session. You can use the contact form on our contact page to get in touch!

Step 1: 


After receiving your details, I'll check my availability and let you know if I have an opening! If I don't, I'll be happy to send you a referral to make sure you still get taken care of!

Step 2: 


Moving forward with booking with the session, I'll send you a digital contract that's easy to access and fill out and an invoice for a retainer fee that's required to hold your session date. The retainer is 50% of the session fee and goes toward your final balance.

Step 3: 


Once I've received the digital contract and retainer payment, you're on the calendar and ready to go! Then, I'll send you a helpful session guide with some tips and info about your session.

Step 4: 


About 2 weeks prior to your session, I'll touch base with you and make sure you don't have any other questions or need anything from me.. and I'll let you know the details about how I communicate with you the week of the session while I keep an eye out on the weather for us!

Step 5: 


The final payment is due on the date of the session. We'll meet for our session, have a fun working together by the sea and then you'll receive a big online gallery from me shortly after! The gallery link is so easy to share and send along to your family members. You can order prints from your gallery or from wherever else you prefer, no problem!

Step 6: 

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It's a joy and honor to serve vacationing families on Hatteras Island.

Let's work together in the salt air!